LTI Age Experiment

Shahan A. Memon

I build technologies to profile criminals and study people using their voice.

A bit about me

I am a Graduate Research Assistant at Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technologies Institute (LTI). My projects in LTI draw upon the field of voice forensics, more specifically, on building algorithms for the estimation of speaker traits and states (such as age, height, weight, emotion, etc.) to help profile criminals, and create sentient Voice User Interfaces (VUIs). I also take interest in working on projects that fall at the intersection of network science , digital health and social computing , and in general understanding and uncovering the complex and inconspicuous societal behaviors.

I am a pesudo-believer of the Occam's Razor: I believe young researchers' obsession today with fancy complex tools has in turn kept our deep fields shallow. So, while a good amount of the research today revolves around using flashy tools and solutions under the domain of neural nets and AI, I rather prefer focusing on the fundamental intricacies of the problems themselves first. I believe that unlike the solution-based paper-pushing approach of 'what will get the most attention in a short time', the problem-focused approach, theoretical or empirical, complex or even simple, yields prolific and generalizable results in the long run. If you are that sort of a person with an interesting problem at hand, you should perhaps press the contact button on the top right.